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Top 5 Poker Strategies

Try these five proven poker strategies trick plays at the poker table to boost your win-rate. These plays can work at all levels against most opponents. I still use them all the time. While seemingly simple, getting good at these poker strategies trick plays can lay the foundation for more advanced poker strategies. After learning about these strategies, you may even win big in Online Casino Malaysia. 

Raise/Jam your Small Pairs

This is a good pre-flop move for when you’re dealt pocket twos through pocket fives. It works best when you’re in the Small Blind so that the Big Blind is likely to be 3-betting you with a wide range.

After you raise and he 3-bets, jam it in! It’s a no-brainer for shorter stacks, but this can even work for 100 Big Blind stacks. Think about it. Your opponent will have a hard time calling with slightly better pairs, and even if he calls with Ace King or Ace Queen you’re in great shape!

Donk out on [A X X] Flops

This works well when a villain in position tries to steal, and you call from the blinds. Then the flop comes down with Ace high and two other cards. You lead out with any two cards, and he folds.

Think about it. How often has a fish done this to you? You sit there with your air. You don’t believe his lead bet, but you know if you raise he’ll just call with his weak Ace. So you have to fold. Turn the tables! Mine those fish for ideas!

The One-Two Punch

This works the same as in boxing where you jab with the left then smash with your right. Make a smallish continuation bet on a wet board. We’re talking about the 50% of pot neighborhood. The standard advice is to usually bet bigger on wet boards, but we’re going to deviate for this one.

Once your opponent calls, SLAM the turn. Make a pot sized bet. Or even overbet! Think about it. If he really had something good like a set or two pairs, he probably would have raised you on the flop to protect his hand. Even a draw is often raising a weak looking bet since he might have fold equity. When our opponent only calls on the flop, then it is very likely he has only a single pair that doesn’t mind the pot control. He won’t be able to take the heat on the turn.

Check-Raise Low Flops as Pre-Flop Raise

You raise preflop, a villain calls in position, and the board is all low cards. It’s especially good if the board is paired. You check to your opponent. He bets and you raise!

Think about it. If he had something really good like a big overpair, he would have raised that preflop. If has something like a medium to small pair, there’s a good chance he’ll check it back and try to take his average hand to showdown. Even if he does bet a small pair, he might chicken out and fold. So his most likely hand is simply overcards.

The Flop 3-way Squeeze

This one takes balls, but when executed well it works like a hot damn. Villain 1 raises preflop, Villain 2 calls, and you over-call in position. Player one bets, player two calls and you make a small raise for the win! A simple way to size this is to match all the money now in the pot.

Think about it. You’re risking X ringgits to win X ringgits. You only have to win half the time. Also since you’re raising two players that have shown interest in this board, you look super strong. Villain 1 is going to have a hard time calling you now since he has two guys to contend with. And unless villain 2 was slow playing, his hand is likely weaker since he just called.

Here are a few more ways to win big in Online Casino:

  • Look for dry flops. You’re telling them you have a set. If the board is wet, the draws may just jam over top of you.
  • Works best against two regs, but could also work if the middle player is a fish.
  • Give yourself at least a tiny bit of equity by having a gut-shot for example.
  • Punish the guys with high continuation bet frequencies or the guys that make really weak looking c-bet sizes.
  • Punish players on wide ranges.
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