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An Amazing Gameplay of Three Cards Poker

three cards poker

What is Three Cards Poker?

The three cards poker is one of the famous casino tables on the land-based casino. It is a totally different with the Texas Poker Game, which the game against between host and players. Nowadays, the three cards casino poker is available in the Online Casino Malaysia.

Online Casino Malaysia

The online casino had become the hottest topic in the Malaysia. That’s more than million people of Malaysia enjoy the casino games every single day. The online casino is including most of the casino games into a gambling site. It means go to a location and allows to play all of the casino games. It is convenient to the online gamblers.

As mentioned above, every casino game able to play via online. Same as three cards poker casino game. But so far, the three cards poker is available on the video table game. It doesn’t exist in the live casino category. Believe the coming year will display three cards poker on the live casino.

How is The Three Cards Poker Float?

Three cards poker is a casino game against house and players. It is an interesting casino game. The game requires at least two hands on the desk to start the game. Each hand has three cards to start the game, but not truly started (not qualify). The game will truly start (qualify) when the house’s hand has Queen or higher card value. If the house doesn’t have the Queen or higher value, the game won’t start playing but the house will still pay.

The three cards poker played the different rule and same scoring with the Texas Poker Game. The scoring of the game is easy to verify. There is the Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Pair, and High Card. The counting of the score is same with the Texas Poker. The game is missing the Four of a Kind scoring, as three cards poker just spend three cards per hand.

How is The Three Cards Poker Gameplay Look Like?

The game is using a single deck of 52 cards to play the game for each round. Three cards poker is actually two games in one. There is the Play/ Ante game where players are playing against the house to see who is the highest hand. There is also Pair Plus game where players are wagering on whether or not the player will deal a pair or better.

The Play of Three Cards Poker

There is three betting circle in front of every seat. The top betting circle is labeled Pair Plus. Another two betting circles are the Play and Ante. The game starts when player wagering on the betting circle. The player has to bet on Ante or Ante and Pair Plus. Then the house will start shuffling cards to each hand.

 Ante/ Play Rules of Three Cards Poker

The Ante betting circle is to decide whether to join the game or not. Then the house will give three cards to each hand, and decide to play or fold after looking on the cards. When the player decides to fold, the player forfeits the Ante wager. If the player decides to continue play, then player need to wager on the Play betting circle. The wager must same with the Ante wager.

After all of the players had made the decision, the house only will display three hole cards. It is to make the qualification of game start. As mentioned, the house’s hand need at least Queen value card to qualify the game start. If the house’s hand doesn’t have Queen or higher value, the game is still counting. The house will pay even money to the active hand. It according to the Ante betting circle wager.

If the house is qualified to join the game. It is the “real war” being between house and players. They need the highest value hand to win the house. The scoring of the three cards poker is same with the Texas Poker, mentioned above.

The Pair Plus Betting Circle of Three Hand Poker

The Pair Plus wager is based on whether player’s three cards have a pair or higher value. It doesn’t matter if the house is unqualified to join the game, and the wager will pay accordingly. In another word, Pair Plus is known as the side bet of the game.


Three cards poker is not really easy to play but it is the interesting casino game. It allows you to read the hand before folding the game to save more wager for the next round. There are not much of the casino games allow for folding on half-way gameplay. Play the three cards poker on the online casino will buy you with more interesting.

An Amazing Gameplay of Three Cards Poker
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