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The Poker is one of the casino table games, it becomes the most popular. Today, it is available in the online casino as well. So, the player able to play against other real poker players. It is an interesting casino game that plays with the skill and emotion to win the game and money.

On the other hand, the poker gameplay is simple. Each of the hand will get two cards face down. And the House will face up five cards on the desk. Then all of the hands need to match with those five cards at the end. The closer one or the highest value will win the game. Besides, during the process of the game, the player able to call the action like “Raise”, “Call”, “Fold”, and “Check”. 

Raise is to increase the betting amount into the pot.

Call is to follow the last player’s betting amount.

Fold is to give up the hand and stop wagering into the pot.

Check is to see the cards on the desk without wagering.