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Even after 300-years, roulette is still a casino favorite, so remember these top strategies for roulette success.


Many casinos, especially those in Malaysia and Singapore, feature roulette wheels with a single zero which is sometimes called the “house number.” Of course, you can bet on the zero, so it’s not really a house number. But most payoffs on a wheel center around a single number bet being paid 35 units.

That means the house keeps 1 unit every 37 spins (1/37) or 2.7 percent. If the wheel also has a double zero, the same 35 units will be paid. But the house keeps 2 units every 38 spins (2/38) which equal a house edge of 5.26 percent.

Obviously, the rule here is to play the single zero wheel it’s available.


Whether you play a single zero wheel or a double zero wheel, the bets, and the payouts are the same. With the exception of one bet that can only be made on a double zero wheel. The bet is called the Top Line:  0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. Unfortunately, since the bet pays 6 units to cover the 5 numbers, the payoff leaves a house edge of 7.9 percent. That’s the worst bet on any wheel!


Many Asian casinos have “en prison.” If you are not familiar with “en prison,” bets placed on even money bets like odd/even and red/black do not lose on a zero or double zero. Instead, they must play in the same spot on the next spin, or the player loses half. Now that’s a rule that’s all good, so ask about it when you play!


Understanding casino gambling variance can be a bit confusing. But for purposes of a tip to remember, the higher the payoff of the bets you are making, the less likely they are going to hit.

That may seem obvious, but the way it applies to the chips in front of you may not.

If you like betting the numbers straight up to get 35-1 payoffs, you are likely to see wide swings in your bankroll. When the numbers hit for you, you’ll have mounds of chips and be happy. When they don’t, you’ll have long periods when you don’t hit anything, so be prepared. If you get bored easily or get frustrated, don’t take your issues out on your chips! If you really like the straight up bets, stick with them, don’t start making a bunch of crazy bets trying to get even.


Treat your bankroll like your friend and you’ll be happy you did! You can’t build a gambling bankroll without saving some money first. But you can save a lot of money by planning how you are going to play roulette.

The best tip for your bankroll is to only bet what you have saved for gambling. Without succumbing to the urge to get a little more cash from your debit or credit card. Problem gambling starts with spending too much cash beyond your entertainment money! You should also find the right online casino for your bet size and skill level. There’s no sense feeling out of place when you gamble.

As for your bet size, keep in mind that the more units you have, the longer you’ll be able to play. And the better chance you’ll have to enjoy yourself. If you have a total of RM1000 to spend at roulette and you bet RM250 per spin, you’re in for a short night of gaming! And if you want to last a while, choose a bet size that gives you a chance to catch a few winners.


If you like to make “outside” bets like column bets and red/black, you’ll be able to start with RM50 bets and have 20 units from that RM1000. That’s a reasonable amount if you place a single bet each spin. If you start winning, go ahead and bet a little more!

If you like to bet on the “inside” numbers, your payoffs will be higher, but less frequent. Remember that even if the table has RM10 chips and you get 100 for your RM1000, you’ll probably have to bet a minimum of 5 chips per spin, so you’ll still have the same amount of money riding on each spin.

Don’t bet too many chips to start or your stack will look like an elephant stepped on it. When you catch some numbers, then you can raise your bets accordingly.

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