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Poker Games Malaysia | Online Casino Malaysia

Poker Games IDN Play Malaysia
Poker Games

Poker is one of the types of online casino games. Other than casino games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat, poker is very famous among hte casino players. It also known as the table game, play between the players. The house is just dealing the desk and cards to the players to enjoy the poker games. As early as the sixteenth century, the Germans played the game called “Pochen”. It later created as the French version, which was called “Poque”. It was eventually brought over to the New Orleans and played on the riverboats that plied the Mississippi.

In the year 1830, the game’s name was changed became as Poker. That’s various types of the Poker games. During the Civil War, the key about drawing cards is to improve the hand was added. This type of the poker games is popular in the Macau nowadays. In the international poker game, people played with two cards on hand and fight for the better hand as compared with the display five cards on the desk. Most of the countries are playing this type of the poker game.

Poker Online

In the public, the poker game is not merely played in the private room. With the land-based casino, that’s countless poker desks in the studio. Poker can be played socially for pennies or matchsticks, or professionally for thousands of dollars. When the popularity of Poker games had increased, people created the online lobbies for the players. The online poker allows the people to play the game through the internet in the house. It is much convenient to play online.

Between the poker and poker online, there are not many differences in the gameplay. But the poker online allowed to leave the lobby anytime. In the normal poker game, the player leaves the desk when he or she lose all of the wagers in the game. There is plenty of luck in Poker game, but the game needs incredibly great skill as well and each of the players is the master of his or her own fate.

Gameplay of Poker Games

As the poker games are the card game, so it will use the card to dealing the game. The house will use a total of 52 cards in the deck to deal with the game. But normally, the house will spend two decks of the card for the best players in the casino. As the games being dealt, another deck will be shuffled for the next round. The Poker games are played fight for the higher value to win the game. There are quite a few patterns to represent the value level in the poker games.

Simple Rules of Poker Games

In the game, that’s few actions allow the players to act – call, check, raise, and fold. “Call” is the action for the stakes follow the previous player’s stakes. “Check” is the action to read the new card on the desk, but other players able to do other actions as well. The “Raise” action is to increase the stakes. And the “Fold” action is to give up the game, but the wagers are not allowing to collect back. In the match, each round, all of the players much remain in the same wagers to continue another round.

Value Level of Poker Games

There are ten different levels of the value in the poker card games. From the highest value to the lowest ones:

  1. Royal Flush – This is the best possible hand in the Poker Games, it contains the 10, J, Q, K, Ace with spade suit (♠).
  2. Straight Flush – It is five cards of the same suit in the sequence order. Like ♥ 5, ♥ 6, ♥ 7, ♥ 8, ♥
  3. Four of a Kind – The hand with any four matched value cards. ♥ 8, ♦ A, ♣ A, ♥ A, ♠
  4. Full House – Combination between three same value cards and a pair of cards. ♥ 8, ♠ 8, ♦ A, ♥ A, ♠
  5. Flush – The hand has five cards with the same suit in any order. ♥ 3, ♥ 6, ♥ 8, ♥ K, ♥
  6. Straight – Five cards sequence order but with any suits. ♥ 10, ♦ J, ♣ Q, ♥ K, ♠
  7. Three of a Kind – Any three cards with the same value, and two more different cards in hand. ♦ 8, ♥ 8, ♠8, ♥ 10, ♠
  8. Two Pairs – It is a hand with two differences pairs. ♦ 8, ♥ 8, ♥ 9, ♠ 9, ♥
  9. A Pair – One pair in a hand with others any three cards. ♦ 3, ♥ 3, ♠ 5, ♦ 8, ♥
  10. High Card – This is to compare the highest ranked card. The lowest in ♦ 2, highest is ♠ And the suit is a sequence from the ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠.


Poker Games are not an easy casino game. They don’t fully rely on the luck but on the skill as well. That’s why people able to saw the poker players’ in ‘poker face’ always. Players won’t explore their card values on their face. It is an interesting casino game that people use the own ability to win the money. Nevertheless, the poker games always able to win a lot of money when winning a game.


Poker Games Malaysia | Online Casino Malaysia
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