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Online Gambling Versus Traditional Gambling Malaysia

online gambling vs traditional gambling

Online Gambling Malaysia

The Online Gambling becomes the hottest topic in town nowadays. They allow the gambler to enjoy the Gambling Games through online. But how the gambler gambling through online? The gambler just needs a device able to connect to the Internet and download the software application. This is a new generation of the gambling activity in the world.

Besides that, there are two types of the online gambling activity – downloadable application and HTML 5. The downloadable online gambling, it allows the player to play the gambling game via the application of the mobile, tablet, or PC. This will be highly secured that hardly hacked by others.

The HTML 5 online gambling, this will be more convenient to play the gambling game. The gambler doesn’t require to download anything. It just needs to sign-in to the online gambling website to play the games. This helps the gambler about space saving.

Traditional Gambling Malaysia

The traditional gambling has the longest history of the game. More than thousand years ago, the gambling games are launched in the world of China and French. The traditional gambling will be a better gambling environment than previous, with high class and comfort.

Among the online gambling and traditional gambling, they provide the same gambling game but the different gambling experience and environment will be tasted. Here has the reason why the people more prefer Online Casino.


First of all, the biggest differentiation is convenient among both of the casinos. In the online version, the gambler doesn’t need to take any traveling for the casino games. In order to play the online casino games, gambler just needs to prepare a device and enough amount of bankroll. But before that, gambler need to pick a Trusted Online Casino.

Besides that, the traditional casino will be a bit inconvenient. They need the gamblers to travel to the selected location for the gambling enjoyment. It will be quite convenient to the gamblers who stay near the land casino, but what if the gamblers stay far away? It will inconvenient to those gamblers.


Secondly, the online gambling will be comfortable to play the casino game. Since the online casino game is available on the mobile or PC, then the gambler can find a comfortable place to the casino games. Like in the home, doesn’t have any rules of the wearing. So, the gambler can use a comfortable suit and lie down on the bed to play the games. Even the gambler can try naked to play the casino game in the house.

Next, the traditional gambling, nowadays the House need the player to wear a proper suit before entering the casino studio. It will be uncomfortable to wear the shirt, long pant, and shoes in the Malaysia’s hot weather. Rather spend the time in the home with the online casino game.


Thirdly, the gambler can concentrate completely on the online game because there are not any noisy gamblers, smelly cigarette smoke and the drunken gambler to annoying you while gameplay. You will have a peace and quiet place to play the casino games at home.

However, the traditional casino, that’s a lot of the people surround in the studio. There may have the people mentioned above surrounding beside you. Sometimes, those people may affect you while playing the casino games.

Bonus/ Promotion

Fourth, nowadays merely the online gambling offers the bonus to their players. The bonus is known as their promotion. It is to gift the extra credits to the player when the deposit is made. The online casino uses the free credits to attract many people to join their gambling.

On the other hand, the traditional casino doesn’t offer the bonus extra credits to the people. The people just can 1 to 1 exchange the casino chip. Normally, the land casino won’t organize any promotions plan to their player, but they do for the event.


Lastly, put the money online will be safer if you installed high security on the PC or website. By the time, you have to pick a trusted online casino that won’t cheat your money. Then you can worry less to put your money on their gambling site and enjoy the casino games.

But nowadays, Malaysia’s society is unsafe. In every night, there will be some cases of stealing money happened. It is unsafe to carry money hanging around.


Above are the points of comparison between the online gambling and traditional gambling. In my opinion, I will prefer the online casino, as it gives me a lot of the benefits of playing the online casino games. Although the online casino has more benefits, some of the people will prefer back to the traditional gambling.

Online Gambling Versus Traditional Gambling Malaysia
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