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Online Domino Game on IDN Play Online Casino

The Domino Game Play

Domino Game

The Domino Game is an interesting game on the Online Casino Malaysia. The origin of Domino Game is from the Chinese from ancient China. It was called as Pai Gow. The Domino game like playing the card and dice games are something of a generic gaming device. Which is using the Domino Tiles on the gameplay.

There is a total of 28 domino tiles on each set. Nowadays, the people had modified the origin domino onto the other way of gameplay. It will be easier to understand for the player. Because of the Chinese Domino is quite complicated to some people. After the modification, a maximum capacity of Domino gameplay available up to 7 players in a match.

Nowadays, they have the Origin Chinese Domino, Domino Ceme, Domino QQ (Q-Kick), and the Domino. They are the similar gameplay but made it easier than origin ones. They are similar to the Poker Online Game. The goal of Domino Game is to beat the competitor with the highest hand value.

The Gameplay of Domino Game

In the Domino, that is 7 differences series of the domino tiles.

00 Series 

Series 00

01 Series 

Series 01

02 Series 

Series 02

03 Series 

Series 03

04 Series 

Series 04

05 Series 

Series 05

06 Series 

Series 06

How to Calculate the Domino Hand Value?

Domino Game Calculation

Try to add both domino tiles into a number. If the number is more than 10, then it should minus 10. What is more than 20 values, then it needs to minus 20 as well. In short, just need to get the last digit of the total number.

Domino Game Hand Value

When it comes to 4 domino tiles, then the hand will appear two numbers to join the competition. By here, the player has to place the domino tiles mix together to get the higher value for each side. So, it will be easier to beat the competitors.

Types of the Domino Game

The Chinese Domino Game

The Chinese domino is the oldest domino gambling game. It is to beat the competitor’s hand with the highest hand as well. So, the player must have a great calculation skill to build the highest hand. Before the calculation starts, each hand will automatically get 4 domino tiles. Then every player faces up the domino tiles to make the comparison, highest hand win. To start the Chinese Domino, it needs two or four players to start the game. It cannot be more or less.

The Domino Ceme Game

The Domino Ceme is one of the modified Domino Game. It is the game played with two domino tiles only. Domino Ceme is the most easier way to play the game. So far, the player able to find this game on the IDN Play Online Casino only.

The capacity of the game up to 7 players including 1 dealer. As the game’s objective is to compare the hand value between players and dealer. In the Domino Ceme, the highest hand is 9, and lowest hand goes to 1. During the gameplay, the higher hand than the dealer will win the game. But when it comes to drawing hand between player and dealer? The dealer always wins the match when it comes to draw hand.

The Domino QQ Game (Domino Q-Kick)

The Domino QQ was also known as the modified game. But it plays with 4 domino tiles on gameplay. Domino QQ allows a maximum 7 players included the game without a dealer. So, the gameplay will be similar to the Poker game.

First, the dealer will be dealt 3 domino tiles to each hand, then the player decides to fold or continue gameplay (need to call or raise to continue to see the last domino tiles). After the last domino tiles dealt, the player able to act the action again (to raise, to call…). Then the highest hand will be the winner.

Here, the player needs a great calculation skill to build a higher hand value for each pair. The Domino QQ use two numbers to compare the highest hand value, like mentioned above (the Gameplay of Domino).

Nevertheless, the founded had created 4 specials series of combination domino tiles, there may act like the Jackpot. The top will be the highest hand and goes to the lower by sequence.

  1. The strongest combination. A combination of all domino tiles with total 6 values on each domino tiles.
  2. Four combinations of any four pairs. A hand must have the pair for each domino tiles.
  3. Combine total dots on domino tiles with 39 to 41.
  4. Combine total dots on domino tiles equal or less than 9 dots

The Domino

The Domino

This will be the simplest domino game, that plays to combine into the line and block the competitor until not move. The Domino is designed for the family game, which the kids allowed to play.

The game is interesting. A capacity of the game from two or four players. Each of the player deal with 7 domino tiles. The player needs to join the domino tiles with the same dots. After joining allows drawing a new domino tile from the side. If the player doesn’t have the move anymore, then the opposite wins the game.

When it comes to four players, it becomes the teamwork game. But it now allows the player to read the teammate’s domino tiles. The team will sit on the opposite to play the game. During the game, one of the player doesn’t have move anymore, then another team will be the winner of the game.


The Domino Game is the most interesting casino game I had seen so far. It needs to use the skill to win the game. Most of the casino games are rely on the luck to win the money. Until now, I found the IDN Play Casino is offering the Online Domino Game on their gambling site. It plays the real money as well!

Online Domino Game on IDN Play Online Casino
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