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Blackjack Casino Game: Most Played Table Game in Casino

Blackjack Casino Game: Most Played Table Game in Casino

Blackjack Casino Game

Nowadays, there are a lot of the Casino Games surround the world, and the Blackjack Casino Game is one of them. Blackjack Casino Game is known as card game as well. On other hands, Blackjack Casino Game also called as “Twenty-one”. It is the game to make a comparison of higher hand win the game between players and a dealer (House). In the Blackjack Casino Game, the fate is controlled by the player, as to how they call the action during gameplay.

The History of Blackjack Casino Game

That are quite many casino games came from the French, Blackjack Casino Game as well. That’s over hundred years of the histories of Blackjack Casino Game. The origin of the Blackjack was called as Vingt-et-Un, after translated, means Twenty-One. As the game’s highest hand value is 21 points.

Another version of the Blackjack Casino Game released from the Spain. It’s called “One and Thirty”, means 31. A simple rule is to reach 31 points for the maximum, with a minimum of three cards. But, both of the versions were created by the Romans. Believe the Roman used to play the game with wooden blocks of different numerical values.

However, since many years ago, both versions of the Blackjack were founded in Europe. The version by French has carried forward until the new generation. Through the modification of the Blackjack, that’s quite a few types of the French Blackjack now.

The Common Rules of Blackjack Casino Game

In this generation, all of the people are playing the origin French Blackjack. A most simple and important rule of the game is the compare the hand to become the higher hand and be the winner. It is the hands compare between the players and dealer, but not between players. Besides, the highest point of the hand is 21 points. What if exceeding 21 points, then the hand count as lost.

The being of the game, two cards are given to each hand and face up. But normally, dealer’s card will face down and another one face up. Yet, the clock-wide method as the gameplay floating and the dealer is the last. Next, the casino will use up to 8 decks of poker card to hosting the game. The more decks of card, the more advantage to the House.

Gameplay of Blackjack Casino Game

First, a dealer will shuffle the cards and dispatch two cards to each hand. Second, now is the turn for the player to call their action they want to present. Here is the important part of the gameplay, it can lead to win the game or lose the game as well. Blackjack Casino Game has five major actions present on gameplay – Hit, Stand, Split, Double Down, and Surrender.


Hit, is an action called to draw a card from the House. Normally, people will act the Hit action, when the hand value is equal or less than 15 points.


Stand, it is an action to skip the turn. Doesn’t want to draw the card or fold the game.


Split, the action can be activated when the hand having two same value cards. After Split action called, the player has to re-decide the action, for his or her two hands.

Double Down

Double Down, this action allows the player to draw a card only. In order to call this action, the hand must have the 10 or 11 points for the first two cards. After any actions called, the Double Down action is no allowing to call again, except the Split action.


Surrender, it is an action to fold the hand. After any actions called, the hand cannot fold again. Most of the casinos, allow the action called to refund 50% wager back to the player (insurance).

Those actions are allowing the players to called on their hand. But the House allowed to called Hit and Stand actions. They cannot Split, Double Down, and Surrender their hand. They are the “last man standing”. The House will call the action according to his hand value.

Adopt the Best Strategy on Blackjack Casino Game

To win the Blackjack, it is not a simple issue. Since the House will manage to get the higher house edge and gain the house advantage. So, the player doesn’t easy to win the game. Here, the player able to refer to the Blackjack Chart. It guidance the player to call the action when which card value on hand.

Nevertheless, in the China, the Chinese players play the Blackjack table game, they play the game like in a team to beat the House. They have a good team strategy, it is good to learn Blackjack Winning Strategy from them.

Blackjack Casino Game on Online Casino

Within years passing, the Blackjack had built on the Online Casino. It allows the player to play the game on the gambling site, the similar gameplay of the Blackjack served.

In the online casino, there are two types of the Blackjack able to found on the gambling site – one is the Video Table Game and another one is Live Games. There is different gambling environment between both of the online casino. The Live Games is connecting with the studio and live-streaming by the House. Which the Live Casino just found not more than three years.

It is great to spend the Blackjack Casino Game on the Online Gambling Site with more benefits by the House.

Blackjack Casino Game: Most Played Table Game in Casino
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