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Play the Progressive Jackpot on Online Casino Win More Than Million Prizes

Play the Progressive Jackpot on Online Casino Win More Than Million Prizes

The Progressive Jackpot

Among all of the casino games, they have the bonus prizes prepared like the progressive jackpot and bonus games. Hence, the progressive jackpot is giving the highest prize between all of the casino games. With the progressive jackpot feature, it applies on the land-based casino as well as the Online Casino.

In other words of the progressive jackpot, we also called it as Random Jackpot. As the jackpot will trigger after a conclusion of any games. It is given randomly to a random player in-game. Nowadays, the random jackpot can be found on the table games, slot machine, online slot, and even Poker Online.

Normally, the progressive jackpot’s winning prize will more than million dollars. The prize pool of the jackpot is collecting from the player’s bet on the game. The House will take a few percentage of the player’s bet add-on to the prize pool.

Types of Casino Progressive Jackpot

It will be glad to have quite a few types of the random jackpot provided by the casino. The objective of the jackpot is to gift the prize to the lucky player. But the differences are their prize pool collection pattern. There are differences patterns of prize pool collection.

Stand-Alone Jackpot

This type of the jackpot will be given the lower winning prize to the player. As their prize pool collection is slower than others’ performance.

The Stand-Alone jackpot is collecting the prize pool by itself and no other’s assist. In short, that machine is not linked to other slot machines, so the prize pool will collect the money when the player bets on that machine.

In-House Jackpot

The In-House jackpot allows the player to win more than ten thousand dollars usually. But it happens on the land-based casino. And it is the middle level of the random jackpot’s prize.

In order to collect the prize pool for the In-House jackpot. The machine will do linking between the same casino games. So, the prize pool will collect faster than the Stand-Alone jackpot does.

Wide-Area Jackpot

The Wide-Area jackpot gift the player a super huge cash prize. If the player triggers on this jackpot, the player will win more than million dollars for sure. As the prize will collect rapidly, and the collection is different than previous two.

To collect the prize pool rapidly. The House will link their casino games to the nearby land-based casinos. That’s mean, the player bets on the Casino A, the random jackpot prize pool will increase on the Casino A and Casino B as well. In the history, that’s few people triggered the jackpot.

Progressive Table Games

Just mentioned above, the jackpot had applied on the table game. So far, in the casino, the House applied the random jackpot on the Blackjack table game. But the progressive jackpot under the blackjack game, it will not drop randomly. But the player has to bet $1 on the betting circle, and if the hand got the triple value 7 cards. It is the time to win their jackpot. It is over hundred million dollars!!

Besides that, in the IDN Poker Games, they provide the random jackpot as well. It will randomly drop to a player while gameplay. From their official website, they announced, their system will randomly drop the jackpot on a player’s account daily. It is daily to gift the jackpot prize to the IDN Poker player.

Progressive Slot Games

Believe most of the people recognize with the slot game has the random jackpot on the machine and online slot as well. Nowadays, every people play the slot machine because of the jackpot. It allows the player to win more than million cash prizes when trigger the jackpot on machines.

Nevertheless, in Malaysia, the SCR888 Casino is the most famous online gambling site. They provided nearly 100 slot games on the site. And most of them are the progressive slots. In the SCR888 Casino, they use the In-House Jackpot to collect the prize pool. Then the player able to win the jackpot at least 3 thousand dollars from the game.

Jackpot on Lottery (4D)

This will be the hardest level to win the jackpot in Malaysia. The jackpot of the lottery Malaysia, it collects the prize pool as well. Hence, the starting prize level of the lottery from the prize MYR 1,000,000.00. It is a super huge prize!

In order to win the jackpot of lottery Malaysia, the player must predict two set of the numbers that will appear on the First, Second, and Third Prizes. Then the player only able to win their jackpot. What if that’s two players win the jackpot of the lottery? The jackpot prize will split to both players who bet on the game.

Progressive Jackpot Winners

Since the casino games created a long time ago, there are some people had won a huge jackpot from the casino. Let’s see the world top 5 jackpot winners.

Top 1, the largest jackpot winner is the €6.3 million hit by Georgios M. in May 2009. He plays the Mega Moolah Slot Game.

Top 2, Klaus E. won a $5.5 million jackpot prize in April 2008. The slot he plays is the Mega Moolah as well.

Top 3, Gamago played the Mega Fortune Wheel and won $4.9 million jackpot prizes.

Top 4, the jackpot prize of £1.9 million had won by Mathew G. He played the Deal or No Deal game in the year 2010 August.

Top 5, that’s €1.4 million won by Joaquim M. with the game of Major Millions Progressive Slot in June 2004.

Those are the people who had won the progressive jackpot from the casino games. And now, when is your turn to win a progressive jackpot into the pocket?

Play the Progressive Jackpot on Online Casino Win More Than Million Prizes
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