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Interesting Domino Game Casino Gameplay

Domino Game

Domino Game

Domino game is an interesting casino game, even the children able to learn to play the game. Apart from some of the most famous casino game such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, etc. the game of Domino is also very well favored among casino players. The oldest confirmed written mention of playing domino game in China comes from the Former Events in Wulin written by the Yuan Dynasty (1271 – 1368). Author Zhou Mi, who listed ‘pupai’ (gambling of Domino).

Nowadays, China people play the domino game as the different way which is played to compare with the highest value win the game. But the original domino game is popular in the Western countries today. The people had used the domino game as the family game as well, which allow the children to join the game. But it is still known as the casino game for the eldest people. The objective of domino game is to blocking and scoring the from the opponent. The game is relying on luck to draw the boneyard and use the strategies on the gameplay to win the game.

Domino Game Boneyard

The domino boneyard is the element used to play in the game. It is also known as the cards of domino game. On the domino game boneyard, that’s the numbering of dots and separate into two sides – left and right. The numbering of dots on the boneyard is started from 0 to 6 dots. Each boneyard has two different value dots or the same value dots.

Rules of Domino Game

Domino game is easy to learn. The game is to play to connecting between the boneyard by the match number of dots. And use the strategy try to block the opponent until he unable to connecting the boneyard again and win the game.

The game is played by 2 or 4 players. If four are playing the game, it may be played as the partnership. The players sit opposite among others are the partner of the game. In short, the game is played by two players or two teams. When played on the team, they must have the teamwork quality to win the game.

Before the beginning of the game, the 28 boneyards will be shuffled face down by the players. Then all players need to draw a domino boneyard. The highest double or if no double, the highest value boneyard drew by the player first. The player will re-shuffle and then being drawing the first hand until 7 boneyards go to each player’s hand. Then being placing the boneyard on the desk and start connecting the boneyard by turn.

Objective of Domino Game

The game is to play by scoring point by laying the domino end to end, the touching end to end. For example, one dot touch one dot, three dots touch three dots, etc). if the dots on the exposed ends total any multiple of five the player is awarded that number of points. All sides of the first double may be used one piece to each side and later one to each end. All other doubles are played at the right angles to the line and total points on both ends are counted.

Dominoing occurs when a player goes out by playing all of his domino boneyards. The sum of the spots of all opposing players is computed and added to the dominating player’s score.

The Blocking on Domino Game

In the course of the game, it is impossible for any of the players to play, the game is “Blocked.” The player or partner having the least spots in his or her hand scores the total of the spots in the opponents’ hands. The score of 250 points is usually considered a game. The first person or partner to score this amount to win the game. Then shuffle and begin a new game again. The player or team who won the game, then play first.

Online Casino Malaysia

Nowadays, when the popularity of the domino game hits into the society. The people had switched the domino game into the online version. Which the players able to play the domino game through the online and play in the international. It is much great experience in the online casino Malaysia.


Interesting Domino Game Casino Gameplay
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