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IDN Poker, The Best of The Best Poker Online Malaysia

IDN Poker, The Best of The Best Poker Online Malaysia

IDN Poker Game

The IDN Poker is the world largest of Poker Game played on Online Casino Malaysia. It is an international Poker Game allows the player to play against other country’s player in Asia. Although that’s a lot of the Poker online games, the IDN Poker is played with the real money and better gambling environment.

IDN Poker utilizes the latest technology to provide the outstanding online gaming experience. With more than 400,000 monthly active players and over 100 million users. IDN Poker is considered as the largest poker network exclusively for Asian players. IDN Poker also features a variety of other games in addition to poker and supports multi-currency platform for convenient transactions.

The Games on IDN Poker Gambling Site

The IDN Play is an original brand name of the IDN Poker. IDN Poker merely provides the online poker game. However, the IDN Play is offering few types of the online gaming game. There are the Domino games. Domino game is an interesting game that makes the connection and breaks the connection of opposite side.

Besides that, there is the IDN Live and IDN Sports category under the IDN Play Casino. Those are the games provide to serve the member, they include the live games and sports betting gambling site. But among all of those casino games by IDN Play, the IDN Poker is the most played gambling game on the site.

The Gambling Site by IDN Poker

That’s interesting to allowing the player to pick a lobby to join. There have the different betting limit lobby and the speed of gameplay lobby. Next, the player can challenge themselves and choose to play in heads up, shorthanded, or full ring table. They are providing much better gambling environment for their member.

Besides the speed and wager limit of the lobby, the member of the IDN Poker allowed to become the VIP. The VIP of the poker game, they able to create their own exclusive poker table and sent the invitation to the player that they wish to play with. In order to secure of the private lobby and avoid the trespassers enter the private, a password setting feature will provide to the VIP member. So, just the invited players allow to enter the password and enter the private table to enjoy the most exclusive Poker game.

To deliver the best gaming experience of Poker game, they create the poker tournament. Every player of the IDN Play allows joining the poker tournament. Since this is the online gambling, the tournament will be organizing on their gambling site as well. A huge prize pool will be awarded to the winner of the tournament.

The Progressive Jackpot on IDN Poker

Among all of the casino games, the progressive jackpot is the largest cash prize. Normally, in the slot game, the progressive jackpot will trigger randomly after a conclusion of any games. And to bet large to win the progressive jackpot on the slot.

But in the IDN Poker, every player from all of their partner brands have the chance to win the billions prize of the progressive jackpot. They gift the progressive jackpot prize to their player daily. Since that’s only one progressive jackpot, so that’s only one player able to win that jackpot as well. They do the update regulation for the jackpot, then players will know just how much is at stake.

Gameplay of the IDN Poker

That are quite a few types of the poker game like the Texas Hold’em and Three Cards Poker, and others. They have the different gameplay rule. In the IDN Play, the Texas Hold’em Poker is the greatest poker game category.

The way to play the Texas Hold’em Poker is simple. House will give two cards for each hand, and display a total of five cards on the desk to make the comparison between hand’s card and desk’s card. For sure, the higher value will be the winner. The game can keep increasing the stake by round. Learn how to play Poker Card Game before wagering on the reality Poker game.


In the last, the most comfortable gambling environment will be the IDN Play. With a strategy and emotional gameplay, the environment is suitable for most of the player. The poker game is an interesting game, that use the self-ability to win the game. But not the luck.

IDN Poker, The Best of The Best Poker Online Malaysia
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